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My First Year Being Natural

Hey guys, as I write this I am so excited because that means I have officially made it to one year completely natural, on this day a year ago I got my mum to chop off all the straight ends off my hair and I went natural at the time when I first big chop I loved my curl pattern but the length was a challenge as I had never had hair that short so the day after I big chopped I did a protective style of yarn twist and then yarn braids until I got to a length where I was comfortable wearing it out a year later I want to reflect on all the things I have learnt over this first year of being natural.

The first thing I have learnt over this year is that patience is key, this year I have had to be more patient with my hair than I have ever been with anything, although to other people my hair grows relatively fast to me it was taking to long for me to see real progress an that was frustrating but I must say looking back I am glad I was patient because now I see growth and although my hair is not at its goal length I know that with time and love and care it will get there.

This year I have also learnt that less is more when it come to products, I have never been one of those naturals who buy tons of products just for the sake of it I have a small number of products that I use in my hair and I love them all dearly and because I dont change my products every month or every time a new products comes out I am able to see the best results from the products that I do use.

Protective styles are my best friend, this may not be true for every natural but atlas for me it is true, my hair thrives when it is in a protective that is because I am not manipulating my hair so it is able to rest and then ends do not break off therefore I am able to retain length so that I can see my growth, and when my hair is not in a protective style of extensions it is either in a puff or mini twist ( which is also a protective style ) and I only use wear my hair out for  week or two and then put them back up it back up in some form of a protective style.

Don’t believe the hype that is surrounded by some of the trends, if you are apart of the natural hair community or follow it very closely then you know that every other month there is a new trend that people swear will have your hair to your butt by the next day and lets be honest most of the things they tell you dont even work, remember when they said you should only use sulphate free shampoo and everyone hopped on that train then a few moths later they said NO! all shampoo is bad you should only be co-washing and then they decided no we are only going to water wash our hair because it is better, honestly it has gotten to the point where I cant and dont keep up with the trends I just do what is best for my hair which is wash my6 hair with a sulfate free shampoo do an oil rinse and then condition my hair and deep condition whenever I take out a protective style or before I put in one and that works perfectly for my hair.

Those are all the things I have learnt this year being natural, it has been a learning experience but one that I would never trade for anything in the world and I hope that in the upcoming year I hope to learn even more about my hair.Until the next blog drink water, keep smiling and take care of your crown.


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