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Hair Update

I recently took my hair out of a protective style ( afro kinky twist) and thought that maybe I should give a little update on how my hair is doing, well first of all I only kept the protective style in for three weeks and then when I took those out I then wore my hair in mini twist for a week but then I had to was my hair, so I shampooed and conditioned my hair and then put a deep conditioner in my hair I left it over night woke up the next morning and washed it out and my hair felt so soft a luxurious, I then put some Cantu leave in conditioner in my hair and then define my curls with Cantu coconut curling cream.

The next day I pulled my hair into a puff and laid down my edges with gorilla snot gel and was I was good to go for work, I only plan on wearing out my hair for a week and on Saturday I am going to get my hair done in jumbo box braids  and I plan to keep those in for a least a month just to give my hair a break from the manipulation.Until the next blog drink water, keep smiling and take care of your crown.


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