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The Journey To My Natural Hair Journey

My natural hair journey started about two years ago, I was sixteen years old about to start a new school and wanted to do something different but not sure what exactly this different thing was, until I was on youtube one day and noticed something, the shift in videos about natural hair to those about natural hair and this peaked my interest so every evening after school I would spend hours in my room on youtube watching “natural hair journey ” and “big chop” videos . Without noticing I started to stretch my relaxers longer that usual, before I would relax my hair three times a year instead I was only relaxing my hair twice a year and at nine months post relaxer, I believed I was well on my way to my big chop that was until my mother asked me what I was doing with my hair for back to school and I did not know how to answer her because it was at that moment I realized I was not fully ready to big chop and also I was not fully against the idea of getting a relaxer, the next week I made up my mind and went to the salon to get a relaxer and as soon as the chemical was all over my head I regretted my decision but at that point there was nothing I could do, that day I left the salon unhappy with my decision but also knowing within myself that I would never get another relaxer.

Over the next three months I grew out my hair and during the Christmas break I opted for a protective style ( invisible cornrows) instead of relaxing my hair as I was accustomed doing at that time of year. As the new year rang in and my natural hair started to grow out I started to see my curl pattern and intrigued and excited I started to clip off the straight ends, at first I was only clipping off the straight ends at the back of my head but then I started to clip the middle and eventually the sides; at six months post relaxer I could not wait any longer (let’s face it transitioning is a pain) the two textures were being to be too much for me to handle and I was just tired of looking at those straight ends so I asked my mum to do my clip off the rest of my straight ends and on march 24th 2016 I did my big chop and became 100% natural.

Now almost 10 months natural I know it is the best decision I ever made and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.Until the next blog drink water, keep smiling and take care of your crown.


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